Gary Munch


Four weights with italics, semi-cursive sans serif in Latin and Cyrillic. I'm working on Condensed fonts now, and hope to someday finish the Central European, Eastern European, Greek Monotonic, and a set of directional Arrows that are in the works. From the 2nd International Type Design Contest, First Prize in Text and Overall. :-)


Two weights of contemporary script with cursive linking in the minuscule. Very tall and narrow for headlines, but stretchable in your layout program for a wider text setting.


Single-weight Italic Chancery in the upright/vertical mode. Lots of variations for Swash and Flourishes, with a font of Pi symbols and Fleurons.
This design is "in the shop" for Major Tweakings.


A text font with four weights which brings together a mix of sources. An ideal typeface for magazine and newspaper articles. Really is a winner font from Linotype’s 3. Type Design Contest.

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31 July 1997